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Long Island Taste

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum welcomes submissions for its Long Island Taste program to provide outstanding fare to venue patrons. Their goal is to build a culinary program with a familiar local flavor, ranging from recently launched operations that have built buzz with their modern twist on retro classics to the tradition-rich institutions that have shaped the local dining scene and become synonymous with Long Island. The Long Island Taste program features opportunities for all food product types, from service items and condiments, to packaged product placement to fully branded consumer retail locations. They seek vendors that have established a reputation for high-quality, value-driven menu items with a first-class presentation that can produce high quality products at high volume. If your concept fits into an venue environment here's your chance to find out how you can partner with the new coliseum. The Long Island Taste Open House and Informational Session will take place on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at the Uniondale Marriott (101 James Doolittle Blvd.) 10am-12pm. For more information contact Alexa Atria at

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