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At this year's annual International Trade Week breakfast, hosted by Hofstra University's Zarb School of Business and the U.S. Department of Commercial Services, guests were privy to a wealth of information on how and why Long Island businesses need to get into the global market and how to protect it once it's there. From what to do in the early stages of testing the market locally to trademarking to digital footprints, a full spectrum of information was covered. Speakers included Bob McInnis - Global Account Director of the Duffy Agency, Pina Campagna, Esq. - Partner at Carter, Deluca, Farrell & Schmidt, Margo K. Cargill - CEO of Titanium Linx Consulting and President of the Uniondale Chamber of Commerce, Brian Green - Vice President of Marketing, Spectronics Corp., and Dr. Tao Meng, Professor & Associate Dean Surrey International Institute, Dongbei University of Finance and Economic. For more information on how you can start exporting contact:

Susan Sadocha

Director, U.S. Commercial Service Long Island

Phone: 516-427-9117 Email:

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