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ToH Attempts to Divide

After an urgent message went out from GUAAC requesting support for the Uniondale Fire Department from all Uniondale organizations, the Chamber launched an aggressive campaign on all email and social media outlets calling for a community rally at the Town of Hempstead Public Hearing April 26, 2016. Joined by our member organizations, the Uniondale School District, Uniondale Community Land Trust, and Uniondale Community Council, our rapid response and coordination resulted in the Town of Hempstead canceling the hearing on proposed contracts that threatened the well-being of our hamlet by attempting to divide our hamlet once again. "Proposed renewal contract for fire protection within the HEMPSTEAD PLAINS, ROOSEVELT FIELD, SOUTH WESTBURY, AND UNIONDALE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT" would have gone to the Westbury fire district and were unlawfully proposed in case numbers 1112, 1113, 1824, 29465. At the hearing we requested on record for the Town of Hempstead Board to notify the Chamber of the next scheduled hearing on the issue.

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